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7 Steps to Finding a Reliable Broker

September 16, 20224 min read

The 7 Steps to Finding a Reliable Freight Broker

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It might occasionally be difficult to find a good freight broker. They offer a crucial service to the trucking and supply chain sectors. A freight broker connects a shipper with a need with a suitable, dependable carrier. Smaller fleets, however, are often neglected, and shippers occasionally have trouble finding a devoted, dependable carrier. The secret to a win-win situation is choosing the correct broker to avoid these annoyances.

1. Use the FMCSA's Data on Freight Brokers and Carriers to start.

Finding a solution that satisfies a shipper's demands should start with looking at FMCSA data on brokers and carriers. The right carriers receive licenses from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and it's crucial to keep an eye out for any modifications to those licenses over time.

2. Put Convenience and Flexibility First

Employing a broker has a lot to offer in terms of convenience and flexibility. Due to the variable conditions for running small enterprises or businesses that ship directly to customers, shippers require more flexible options. Disruption is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, of course. Nevertheless, convenience frequently results in more expensive carriers, particularly for those last-minute shipping requirements. And brokers can offer round-the-clock assistance all year long in reducing those risks and problems.

3. Consider the Cost Compared to an Internal Fleet or Sourcing Strategy

For owners of medium-sized to small businesses, the cost of carriers continues to be a deciding factor. This can result in picking the cheapest provider, which might cause service problems. Occasionally, spending a little bit more on certain things can mean the difference between successfully completing deliveries on time. By facilitating stronger networking relationships and lessening your difficulty in locating capacity, hiring a freight broker may result in savings. For the smaller shippers as well, internal fleets might not be an option. It all comes down to sourcing and choosing whether to handle logistics internally or externally through a brokerage.

4. Make sure the broker maintains the necessary paperwork and insurance

The right licensing, paperwork, and insurance are a freight broker's most crucial qualifications. Lack of effort in ensuring correct licenses could result in several delays and eventual costs to you. Even worse, failing to keep accurate records could force the broker out of business, result in future legal and criminal penalties, not to mention suspicion and fewer carrier contract points for the broker. Consequently, your company is exposed to a higher risk. Choosing a brokerage with the necessary credentials, however, eliminates that risk.

5. Look for brokers with experience in multiple modes of transportation.

Working with a broker that is knowledgeable in multi-modal transportation has the advantage of enabling cross-border, last mile delivery, and international shipping. Enabling end-to-end and multimodal optimization can increase that possibility, lowering overall costs and boosting throughput.

6. Consider the User-Friendliness of Tendering Loads to Brokers

The simplicity of use while tendering cargoes to brokers is another element to take into account. This speaks of formally asking carriers to handle each shipment. Nobody likes to waste more time on a procedure that is longer than necessary. Making the most of the business relationship also depends on how simple it is to tender, whether that means using automation in some way or providing the load data to the brokerage through a platform.

7. Ask around to find out more about the broker's standing among carriers, truckers, and other parties.

Finding a reliable freight broker is made simple by word of mouth. Reputation can either help or hinder a company's ability to do business. Shippers frequently already know who they use. Make connections to help you and your company by making this easier. But do not disregard the up-and-coming ones. Similar to Isaiah Brokerage, the newest brokerages might be equipped with the tools and know-how that more established brokerages haven't yet adopted.

What is the Benefit of a Freight Broker

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It's crucial to keep in mind that a broker's profit increases as your rates decrease, making it crucial to know how to bargain for reasonable prices. How do you tell if the broker you select is being honest? When working with a broker, it's important to be aware of your operating costs as well as the going rates (depending on location/distance, kind of freight, and weight). Being picky about your brokering partners will help you pick ones who will help your business, not harm it. To help you find the best freight rates possible use this cheat sheet the next time you're looking for brokers, or save yourself the trouble and call us at State To State Freight Brokers today at (844) 992-2202.

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